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Developing an Evangelical Heart Cover Image


Authenticity Picture“We cannot peach conversion unless we ourselves are converted anew every day.”
— Bl. John Paul II

1)  The world is thirsty for authenticity.

People have a horror of the artificial or false.  They are searching above all for truth and honesty:

Advertisements promise that all of our problems will be solved if we buy their brand of toothpaste.  To get elected, politicians promise the world but don’t deliver.  We’re looking for something real, something authentic.

  • If we offer a sugar-coated Gospel, people will realize it and reject it - it will be that much harder to reach them the second time around. Ex. Immunization “Giving someone a mild dose of the virus so they won’t catch the real thing.”

2)  What is authenticity?

If you are authentic, your life matches your message. You walk the talk.

  • “Do you really believe what you are proclaiming? Do you live what you believe? Do you really preach what you live?  The witness of life has become more than ever an essential condition for real effectiveness in preaching.”  (EN 76)
  • “We cannot preach conversion unless we ourselves are converted everyday.”  (RM 47)

3)  Authenticity attracts the lost sheep.

  • Our lives must provoke the question: “Why?” “Why do you live this way?”
  • Authentic Christian living attracts people and provokes their curiosity. Even the most materialistic and worldly man is perplexed by it.
  • Would your life make sense if God doesn’t exist?
  • If we really lived a radical Christian life, we would be an enigma too provocative to resist

“If you are what you are supposed to be, you will set the world on fire.” (St. Catherine of Siena)

PRAYER: Consider the following questions during your prayer time:Do you really believe what you are proclaiming? Do you live what you believe? Do you really preach what you live? Ask for a deeper conversion of heart today.
ACTION: Resolve to honestly answer the questions of others when your plans may include church activities, or are centered on faith, rather than saying, “Nothing much.”


Read an article (link is external) that was adapted with permission from Matthew Kelly’s book, Rediscovering Catholicism.

The theme 'Developing an Evangelical Heart' was inspired by the Companions of the Cross course on Evangelization.