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Developing an Evangelical Heart Cover Image

Developing an Evangelical Heart

We want to journey together and delve deeper into the heart of Jesus, and in turn develop within ourselves the attitudes of a truly Evangelical Heart.

The passionate vision of evangelization revealed to Fr. Bob Bedard remains vibrant, and we invite you to join us in meditating on the key attitudes of a truly evangelical heart. It is our hope that together we will be inspired and encouraged to share the hope we have found in Christ to those present in our daily lives.

“Missionary drive has always been a sign of vitality… missionary activity renews the Church, revitalizes faith and Christian identity, and offers fresh enthusiasm and new incentive. Faith is strengthened when it is given to others!” – John Paul II

We invite you to delve deeper into the heart of Jesus, and to share his heart with the people around you.

Attitudes of an Evangelical Heart

  1. Loves as Jesus Did (Charity, Servanthood, Humility, Mercy)
  2. Led by the Spirit (Docility, Boldness, Unity, Hope)
  3. Lives the Beatitudes (Authenticity, Joy, Peace, Purity)

Listen to an inspiring talk below, and download a PDF of the theme 'Developing an Evangelizal Heart'.