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Sharing the joy of the Gospel is at the top of the agenda for Bishop Christian Riesbeck, the new bishop of the Saint John Diocese.

‘The agenda is the needs of the people’, says new Saint John bishop.

When Bishop Christian Riesbeck arrives in New Brunswick in December to become the new Bishop of the Saint John diocese, he won’t be arriving with a set agenda.

But he does have a clear purpose, and it is something he has been doing since he first was ordained as a priest in the Companions of the Cross in 1996. He wants to help people embrace Jesus and let him into their lives in the best way that he can and at the pace they are comfortable with.

“No, I am not going in with an agenda. They don’t give a checklist of things you must do but allow you to administer to the needs of the diocese,” Bishop Riesbeck said in an interview with the Canadian Catholic News. “The agenda is the needs of the people in the diocese.”

In these increasingly secular times, one of his passions has been working with youth and young adults, and helping them find their way to Jesus.

“When you let Jesus into your life, when people put Jesus at the centre of their lives, it changes everything and puts joy into their lives,” he said.

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