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Seminarian Lives Back-to-Back Life-Changing Events

Companions of the Cross celebrate Deacon Alex Colautti ordination and final vows.

Deacon Alex ColauttiBy: Mosaic Editorial Team 

This article was originally published in the MOSAIC Magazine from Sacred Heart Major Seminary. 

In every life journey, there’s one special moment you reach that makes every obstacle you have faced worth every minute. It’s that moment before the final step that assures you–you will make it, you have already made it so far.

“For newly ordained Deacon Alex Colautti, a fourth-year graduate seminarian at Sacred Heart Major Seminary, this very moment took place on two back-to-back occasions.”

September 14, 2017, at St. Scholastica Parish in Detroit, Deacon Alex made his permanent commitment to the Companions of the Cross. During the Mass of Permanent Commitment, Deacon Alex promised himself wholeheartedly to the Companions of the Cross for the rest of his life. He pledged to live his life as a faithful brother and member of the community.

The very next day, his diaconate ordination occurred by the laying of hands and invocation of the Holy Spirit by the Most Reverend Arturo Cepeda, auxiliary bishop of Detroit. During the ceremony, Deacon Alex accepted the liturgical vestments of alb (white robe), dalmatic (ornamental over-vestment), and stole (scarf), while publicly making a vow to a life of celibacy.

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