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Introducing the NEW Treasure in Heaven Prayer Booklet

Introducing the completely redesigned and updated Treasure in Heaven prayer booklet! We are very excited about it and you will be too!

What is the Treasure in Heaven prayer booklet?

Treasure in Heaven is a small, pocket-sized, prayer booklet designed to help kick start your prayer life. It’s perfect for those who have never prayed before and those who have fallen out of the habit of daily prayer.

There are thousands of Treasure in Heaven booklets around the world. It has inspired countless lives to a daily prayer life and a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Prayer is the cornerstone of a life with Christ.

“God wants a commitment from me to spend daily time with him. It is only in this way that he can effectively deal with me, straighten me out when I need it, and keep me reasonably on track. Jesus calls us into friendship with him, with the Father, and with the Holy Spirit. To be friends, we have to spend time together.” (Fr. Bob Bedard, We Are Called to be Companions of the Cross, Pg. 79)

So, what’s different?

We updated the look and layout. It looks fantastic and is much easier to use.

We are most excited about the addition of the basic Gospel message; God loves us, we have sinned and separated ourselves from God, Jesus died for us and restored our relationship with God. This is significant for two reasons:

We need to hear the basic Gospel message over and over.

We need to be reminded no matter how much we’ve heard it. Every time you pray with Treasure in Heaven, it is right there in the front.

It is a great resource for sharing the Gospel and helping people grow in friendship with Jesus through prayer.

We are all called to share the Gospel. It is part of being a Christian. Carry a copy of the Treasure in Heaven with you every day. When you are leaving your home in the morning grab a Treasure in Heaven, put it in your pocket, and pray this simple prayer, “Holy Spirit, send me someone I can share this with. Not ready Lord, but willing.”

Send us an email at to order your copies today. We ship in quantities of 25 in Canada and 100 in the United States.