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Cultivating Good Soil for Wimpy Souls Like Me

The Gospel today invites us to cultivate our soil to bear fruit for the Kingdom.  Bearing fruit is a biblical image for practical faithfulness; living our discipleship fully. 

What is good soil? It’s having a responsive heart to the word of Jesus. This responsive heart is putting into action what Jesus tells us.  Receiving the Holy Spirit in an ongoing way helps us. How good is my soil? Let’s look at the Fruits of the Holy Spirit: Faithfulness, self-control, patience, goodness, gentleness, joy, kindness, peace and love. There might be some weeding and cultivating that needs to be done in our lives.

God is the sower and the seed is His word that goes out and produces what it intends to. Jesus sows the seed and the different types of soil are how people receives the word.  As well as being open to the Holy Spirit, we cultivate good soil also when we take up our cross. Self will is the opposite of a responsive heart and cultivating good soil. A prayer I like to call weeding and cultivating good soil for wimpy souls like me is the Serenity Prayer. Look it up in its entirety and reflect on it this week as a practical guide to weeding out areas of self will and cultivating good soil so to bear good fruit; living in a Christ like way in every aspect of our lives.