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Do We Believe that We Can Do It?

Listen to the homily here.

Evangelization is about process and intentionality.

Evangelization takes time. It's not about just getting out there. We have to build friendships, friendships where people can see that the love we show them is different than the love that a regular person can give. Christian love does have a unique feature to it, there is a certain virtue backing it up. There is loyalty, love, prayerfulness, and generosity flowing from us. 

If we can build these kind of Christian friendships they will be more open to opening their hearts to the Lord.

Matthew Kelly gives six key ways of evangelizing that we may be more comfortable with.

The first couple are, handing out books and CD's, inviting people to events, etc.

“Do we believe that we can do it, or do we say ‘let someone else with different gifts do that’? We are all called to this whether we are gifted or not.”

Have I been won over by the Lord? Am I willing to be intentional about evangelization? Am I willing to invite someone to an event? That is all we have to do.

If we don't know this is what we are supposed to be doing we won't be busy doing it. This is a hope that we can start to get more comfortable with this idea of evangelization. 

We want to be dynamic catholics. Our world needs us to be more on fire for him. Our world needs us to be overflowing. Our world needs us to show it what love really is.

“If we don't do it who will”?

We can do it because the Holy Spirit will help us to accomplish this goal.

Listen to the homily here.

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