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What Motivates the Mission?

What motivates us when it comes to growing the Church? What motivates the mission? 

God has asked us to reach out to the people that he loves and that we love, to bring them into relationship with Jesus. Because, living with Jesus is the best. It is infinitely better than drinking really expensive coffee, or being successful, or even having good health. 

“We have got to become a Church on mission.”

But what is the problem? The problem is original sin. What are the effects of original sin?

  • We began with a clear sense of meaning and purpose. We have lost meaning and purpose.
  • In the beginning they had safety and security. Yet, that was lost. Suddenly they felt exposed, they had doubts, they experienced insecurity.
  • They started out in relationship with God. But that relationship was broken.

This is the heart of the problem:

“We are born into a state of being separated from the one who we were made for, the one who loves us. The good news is that we don't have to stay in that place. We can be reunited with this God who loves us and desires to be in relationship with us.”

We exist to help people discover the love of Jesus in this life so that that relationship can continue on for all of eternity.

Brothers and sisters we need to be a missional church because we serve a missional God.

Homily begins at 23:30.

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