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I was asking Fr. Alex what it is like for him. I asked him why he became a priest. He said,

“I felt called to lay down my life to serve Jesus and his people."

I'm a priest and I'm a sinner. I have been sinning a long time, before I became a priest. I will wrestle with sin until the day I day. I am well aware of my own sinfulness. I have prayed for years, ‘God please don't allow me to become another scandal for your church because I love Jesus. And, I love the Church so much.’

“When the Church gets open, honest, and humble, when we admit that there is a sickness in the structures and the culture, when we get brutally honest that there is a sin sickness in each and everyone of us, it is then that Jesus can come in and heal.”

There is a profound sickness in the Church that will have to die. After it dies, Jesus promises that he will raise us up. In the midst of all this Jesus is saying, "I'm still here."

I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here with Jesus. I am convinced that what we are doing here is so crucial.

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