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The Servant's Towel

The story of Lazarus through the lens of service.

What can we learn about service through Jesus' approach to this situation?

  1. Jesus serves according to the Father's time table. When is the best time to serve? In God's time. A good starting point is recognizing that, "None of my time belongs to me."
  2. Jesus serves even though it comes at a cost. 
  3. Jesus serves with a heart of compassion. Jesus is ministering to people. It is about serving people. 
  4. Jesus serves in a way that brings new life. God can use us to breath new life into people in a new way.

This week's homework, reflect on these 2 points!

  1. I'm living on borrowed time.
  2. How will I concretely imitate Jesus in serving others?

Homily begins at 22:35.

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