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Nobodies and Somebodies

The thing that impedes the presence of God and the power of God is a church full of people who are swollen with pride. 

It is hard for God to work in our lives when our egos take-up all the space. Similarly in our church.

Pride leads to a plurality of consequences:

  1. Pride leads to emptiness. It causes our character to be empty and without substance. 
  2. Pride drives us to busyness. Sometimes we can be overly busy trying to fill a void in our life. 
  3. Pride make us fragile. Anything that has the power to inflate our ego also has the power to deflate our ego. 

Humility, on the other hand, gives us the freedom to be ourselves. Even when we feel empty and void, we know that God is the one who comes to fill us up. 

The two standards according to St. Ignatius. 

  • The Standard of the Enemy
    • He wants you to focus on riches, primarily achievements, abilities, strengths, intelligence.
    • This will eventually lead to honour.
    • Honour eventually leads you to pride. 
  • The Standard of Jesus
    • Spiritual Poverty - We go to God with empty hands, we can't do it on our own. 
    • Contempt - That you would long for people to look badly upon yourself. To ignore you. 
    • Humility - If you stay in contempt long enough you will reach humility.

Challenge - Reflect on these 2 standards. Am I going to follow the enemy, or Jesus? The path to humility is painful.

"Every time we approach the Lord in our nothingness, his response is always to give us everything in return."

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