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It's Not a Plan, It's a Vision!

“Hey Father, that is quite the plan.”

It is not a plan. It is a picture. I hope a prophetic vision of the future that can fill us with passion. 

On July 1, Jesus will still be number 1, he will still be in charge. He will still be the chief shephard of this place. My role is to primarily submit to him, to say, "Jesus I am on board with you. You fill me with your plan, with your vision, and I will do it, I will serve you.” If enough of us get on board in service of Jesus, in service of his mission to form disciples who joyfully transform the world.

“Is it just me or did anyone feel like clapping at the end of that homily?! YEAH!” (Fr. James Mallon)

Homily begins at 19:00.

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