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Homage and Gifts

We can respond to the news of the new king like Herod, afraid, threatened, jealous, or angry. Or, we can respond like the wisemen, who came filled with joy to sacrifice and worship.

Here are two concrete ways in which we can imitate the wisemen.

  1. Give homage - The God of the universe took on flesh and came to dwell among us. We should be in the habit of genuflecting, acknowledging that there is a king and it is not me. I will humble myself and worship before the king.
  2. Give Gifts - What are the gifts that we can give to God? See your giving as a gift to Jesus.

There is a new king and it isn't you or me. We are blessed to respond like the wisemen who came overjoyed to worship and give gifts.

Homily begins at 24:15.

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