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God Gave his Son to Everyone!

Why do we give gifts at Christmas anyways?

At the heart of the Christmas story is the act of gift giving. The wise men of the east brought gifts. But, even before that, there was a greater gift exchange. God freely chose to give that which was most precious to him, his son. 

God cares dearly about your life. He is in the midst of our lives and he gives his son as a gift to help us, that God would be with us in the midst of our burdens and struggles.

God gave his son to everyone! God gave his son Jesus to save me, to save all of us. 

“It is possible to have everything that the world offers and still feel unfulfilled. Maybe you are asking yourself that very question, ‘What is missing? What am I missing?’ I would suggest that it may be that you have not yet fully received the gift of Jesus.”

There is a promise that we would receive life after death. But, for so many of us, we are asking the basic question, "Is there life before death?" Does the life I am living right now have any mean, does it have any purpose whatsoever?"

Even before death, we can experience the fullness of life right here and right now. ;But, sadly, this gift is often left under the tree wrapped and unopened.

How can we receive the gift?

  • We have to accept, submit, and be vulnerable. ”Jesus I need you in my life. I need you in my heart, on your terms, not on my terms. I don't want you as an interest. I want you at the very centre.”

Why not let this Christmas be the moment in which you receive and start to unwrap the gift of Jesus. 

Homily begins at 50:00.

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