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Confidence in Christ

Here are 5 reasons death creates fear in us.

  1. Death is mysterious and unknown. We are afraid of things we don't understand.
  2. We deal with it individually. We have to deal with it alone.
  3. Death separates us from our loved ones.
  4. Death prevents us from fulfilling our dreams.
  5. Death is unavoidable.

We are all going to die. But, the Good News is that Jesus Christ came and faced death head on.

We can have a confidence even in the face of death because of Christ. The message can bring confidence to us, even in the face of death.

The sting of death is sin. It's this poison thats entered our lives that leads to a paralysis that, left unchecked, will lead to our ultimate death. Jesus Christ has conquered sin itself so we need not fear of death. The Good News of all of this demands a response.

“It is for us to admit that we need help, that we cannot escape the sting of sin on my own. Jesus saved us. The moment we turn to Christ in that way He will respond and save us.”

Homily begins at 22:20.

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