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Community for the Sake of Mission

Studies have shown that people who have poor eating habits but healthy relationships live longer than people with good eating habits and poor relationships. It would appear that you are better off eating M&M's with your friends than eating broccoli by yourself.

As Christians we are called to take community to the next level. "It's not enough to care about one another; we need to care for one another." (Fr. Yves Marchildon, CC) Caring for someone requires a proximity. Sometimes it involves getting messy. For example, you can care about the fact that your baby has a dirty diaper. However, to care for the baby you have to get in there, get messy, and change the diaper.

God didn't just care about the fact that we have sinned. He sent his Son to come to be close to us and be near us. Things got messy in the process of saving us.

Christian community is community with a particular purpose or intention in mind. John Stevens says, "Community without mission is just a club."

We are called to community for the sake of mission.  

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