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3 Portraits of Jesus

The Transfiguration gives us 3 portraits of Jesus. 

  • Jesus is super natural and divine. 

So many look to Jesus and say he is a learned teacher. In the transfiguration, Jesus is demonstrating that he is God, that he is divine. We get a little bit of a glimpse of what he would have looked like before he was born. Jesus is the fulfillment of the law, he is the Messiah. 

  • Jesus is one who brings hope in the face of suffering.

Jesus wants to bring you a sign of hope. Often when we suffer we experience blindness because we are turned inwards. In the midst of these times Jesus is present. 

  • Jesus is the beloved son!

Jesus is a son. He is beloved and he is affirmed. We need to allow God to love us and see us as beloved. 

Your homework for the week!

Read the transfiguration account in Matthew 17 and ask yourself:

  1. What portraits of Jesus do I see presented in this Gospel? (Who is Jesus?)
  2. If I place myself in this story, what is the portrait of me? (Who am I?)

Homily begins at 23:00

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