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The Goodness in Good Friday

Homily begins at 12:55.

Good Friday reminds us that perfect good can be hidden from our sight. 

This is a good Friday because it does not stand alone. It is one part of a bigger plan that has its origin in the goodness of the Father. Very soon, Jesus will rise again. Goodness though hidden at times, has totally and completely overcome evil. 

Let today also help you discover your own goodness. Do not hide from it and do not hide it from others. While we are sometimes overwhelmed by the evil in the world we must remember that evil cannot have the final victory. Ask the Father to give you the Spirit of Jesus so that you will not miss the goodness that is at times hidden by evil.

That hidden goodness is in you. It is in everyone in the world. Yes those who hurt us and those who hate us can make that goodness harder to see. But it is there!!! It is because of that goodness in each human being that we are called to love and to forgive. We are called to serve, to evangelize, we are both to be and to share the Good News. 

All people, though battered by the evil of this world, can come to know the goodness of the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. 


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