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Entering the Presence of God

Moses and Elijah helped people enter into God's presence. Now that Jesus has come, we no longer have a need for these types of mediators. 

Jesus himself is our mediator with God. But, when we encounter Jesus we are encountering more than a mediator. When we encounter Jesus we are encountering God himself. 

Jesus has made entering the presence of God accessible for everyone who will put their faith and trust in him.

Does that matter to you? Does it matter to you that you are able to enter the very presence of God?

Because of who Jesus is, he is able to make possible something that neither Moses or Elijah could have ever imagined. Each of us can enter the presence of God through Jesus. It is when you come into his presence that God is able to speak into the darkest and most difficult places in your life.

"You will be able to hear from Jesus the more you learn to worship God with other christians and in your daily personal time with him."

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