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Who is This Jesus?

Appearance reveals identity. But, we walk in a land of shadows. We don't walk in the bright light and radiance of the Transfiguration. We walk in a land where cleverly devised myths abound and appearances can be deceptive. 

For us, we see all kinds of instances where our senses are deceived by the cunning of men, or by their artistry. 

The way Jesus spoke and acted made people ask questions about him all the time.

'Who exactly is he? What exactly is his relationship to God because the way he is speaking and acting sure sounds a lot like the way God speaks and God acts? Who is this Jesus? Is he an actor impersonating God? Is he a human person that happens to be so close to God that he could be mistaken, a look-a-like? Or, is it possible that God is playing himself in the story of Jesus.' 

As Christian believers we know the answer to these questions. We proclaim it every Sunday in the creed. 

"The human body of Jesus is not a mask or a costume, it is not a special effect or some fancy CGI. The human body of Jesus is God the Son's own human body. When we look at Jesus, when we touch him, when we hear him, we are in direct contact with one who is God." 

In the presence of Jesus, all other representatives and representations fade away. That is the significance of the appearance and disappearance of Moses and Elijah in the Transfiguration. Once Jesus has been identified as the beloved Son of the Father Elijah and Moses serve no further purpose.

The spot light from Heaven is on Jesus alone. His voice is the only voice we need to hear from now on. He is not just a definitive representation of God as an actor might be. He is God, revealing himself, sharing his life with us. 

As we celebrate the glorious feast of the Transfiguration today let's hear the Son of God speak to our hearts saying, "I came for you. I am for you. I am yours. Will you be mine?"

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