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What Mattered

Listen to the full homily here.

They may or may not have had extraordinary human abilities. But they aren't the point. What mattered is that Jesus had called them to follow him.

And it’s the same with the mission that Jesus gives them today, as his apostles. What mattered was that Jesus was sending them – not their human abilities, or lack thereof.

The mission they were being sent to carry out far exceeded their human potential anyway. They knew this.

"Because the mission was nothing less than bringing the Kingdom of God into this world. Flesh and blood can’t do that!"

That Jesus had called them and that Jesus had sent them is all that mattered to these twelve apostles.

They didn’t care what other people would think about them personally. They cared very much what other people would think about the Person of Jesus, the Christ.

They didn’t care whether they would be accepted or rejected for their own sake. But for the sake of those who by accepting or rejecting them would be accepting or rejecting Jesus, and thus securing either their eternal salvation or their damnation, they did care very much.

They weren’t out to make a name for themselves; they were eager to lift up Jesus’ Name and even die for it. Such are the men on whom God was pleased to establish his one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.

Let your faith be built on the authority of the One who sent us. He will never deceive you or lead you astray.

Beg God to send you apostles and prophets who will speak the truth to you – whether you like their style or not. Whether they rub you the right way or the wrong way. Whether you accept them or reject them.

And beg God that you may be worthy apostles and prophets yourselves, to everyone to whom Jesus will send you.

Listen to the full homily here.

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