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What is the Good News?

The one who is coming after John is coming to save us from this unquenchable fire.

“We can't understand how good salvation is unless we grasp what we have been saved from.”

The coming of Jesus is a search and rescue operation. It is the biggest one of all time. 

If we don't understand the bad news we will have little appreciation and gratitude for the mission of our Saviour. We won't get the good news. 

The unquenchable fire is not some monstrous concentration camp invented by cruel and vengeful deity. It is simply the bitter consequence of choosing to live without God who is the author of all life and choosing permanent separation from the source of all goodness. We don't have to wait until the after life to behold this unquenchable fire. There are many living in it right now. 

We only have to reflect on this for a minute to realize how horrifying a prospect this is. 

What would you or I do if we saw someone trapped in a burning building? Would we hesitate? Maybe we might be afraid of loosing our own lives.

I don't see any protective gear around the body of my crucified Saviour. I don't see him hesitating. I see him diving right in there. He was so intoxicated with passionate love for us that he couldn't bear the thought that any one of us might be separated from him forever.

“No price was too high for him. Because of what what Jesus did, you and I can live as we were meant to live from the beginning, in communion with the source of all life.”

This is the Gospel. This is what our world is waiting to hear.

What are we willing to do this coming week to share this Gospel of salvation? What are we wiling to give? What are we willing to give up?

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