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We Can't Do it Without the Holy Spirit

How much do we need the Holy Spirit to be Christians? What are the essential tasks of the Christian in the world? In each one of these areas it is impossible to do what Christ wants us to do without the holy spirit.

  1. Prayer

    Have you ever tried to seriously pray (encountering the living God)? Prayer is meant to be a dialogue; it is meant to be a loving exchange. Anyone who is honest would admit that we cannot do this, we cannot bring about this living exchange, unless God grants it. God grants it by sending his Holy Spirit, the consoler, to pray in us.
  2. Witness

    We are called to testify. How easy is it to testify, to find the right words to pierce through the darkness? How are we supposed to get through to people? With our own brain power, is that how this works? It is not about brain power. It is not about techniques, methods, or programs. Unless the Holy Spirit comes and visits us and inspires our witness it is going to fall flat. It is going to achieve absolutely nothing.
  3. Loving service

    Have you tried pouring yourself out until there is nothing left? That is what he commands us to do. How are we supposed to ;do that on human power?

Simply put, we cannot do any of the tasks which we are commanded to do as Christian on our own human power, by the flesh. We have to accept our powerlessness. The Holy Spirit is like a lightning strike that comes down and gives life to what was dead. That's what the Holy Spirit is for the world and for the Church.

For us individually, the Holy Spirit is like a defibrillator. Without the Holy Spirit we are in cardiac arrest. There is no supernatural life happening. We need the Holy Spirit to resuscitate us, to revive us, to bring us to life, and to keep us alive.

This is not a one time deal. This is not something I can receive once at the beginning of my Christian life and put on my shelf like a trophy. We have to ask. We have to beg. We have to thirst for the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a divine person. If you want a person in your house what do you do? 

  1. The person has to be desired.
  2. He has to be invited. He is not going to break down your door.
  3. Once he is invited he will come. Jesus promises him to us. 
  4. Once he comes he has to be welcomed. Often times the Holy Spirit is just sitting in the living room of someones life without anyone paying attention to him. He has to be welcomed as God.

“How do you welcome God? With complete attention, submission, and surrender. You can't just give God a sliver of your attention. He deserves all of it.”

We have to get rid of the stuff that is occupying the space within us that the Holy Spirit is supposed to occupy.

If we persist in the works of the flesh we can't live by the Spirit. We have to put the works of the flesh to death. We have to cast out to the counterfeit spirit. The enemy wants to fill us with a legion of his spirits, the counterfeit. We have to cast those out, no compromise, all of them.

Once we have done all that, we can invite the Holy Spirit to come in, to dwell in us, and to make us temples of God.

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