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Peter, Do You Love Me?

How did Peter go from the man who denied Jesus when he was arrested to being this bold fearless leader of the fledgling Christian community who was not afraid to stand up to the Sanhedrin and the whole world? Of course it was the outpouring of the holy Spirit at Pentecost.

However, what made the difference in Peter was his encounter with the merciful love of Christ who didn't even have to bring up Peter's denial. 

Peter understands what Jesus is doing when he repeats his question 3 times, "Do you love me?" Jesus is allowing Peter to atone for his denial. 3 times he denied the Lord; 3 times he says I love you. 

The mercy of the Lord goes deeper still. He forgives our sins and allows us to make up for them. That is the mercy of God. To bring about a complete and total transformation in our being. To take a sinner and make him a saint. 

“Christianity is not just the religion of the exalted heavenly Lord. It is the religion of personal encounter.”

This heavenly Lord desires to have that personal intimate encounter with each and every one of us. He wants to have breakfast with you. 

How do we have an encounter with the Lord? You listen to his voice and you open up the door of your heart. "Come into my heart, come into my life."

If we welcome the Lord into our lives in every circumstance of life we will not be the same. We can be an even greater saint than we ever were a sinner. 

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