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Our Forgotten Identity

Jesus is thinking about those who could and should be walking with him but are not yet, those who are lost and need to be found.

His disciples have no excuse. Jesus has always made his intentions clear from day one. He said, 'Come, follow me and I will make you become fishers of men. This is not complicated guys. What you were doing with the fish you are now going to do with people.’ 

If the disciples had understood and accepted the intentions of Jesus for their band of disciples, they would have been going up to Bartimaeus themselves eager to introduce Jesus to them.

Somehow the disciples misunderstood. So, Jesus has to remind them of their mission by having them call Bartimaeus. They had forgotten their identity. 

This is where we are at, in general, with the Church today. As a Catholic Church we have grown accustomed to gauging the quality and success of what we do at every level, especially at the parish level, by how well it meets our needs (meaning the needs of the people who are already here).

“This is not primarily why the Church exists. She doesn't have a mission added onto her. She is a mission.”

Are we constantly gripped by the desire to evangelize?

Every day we can be asking God in prayer,

“Lord, in your great mercy and your desire to seek and to save that which is lost show me who is not here with us who needs to be. And, when I do meet that person show me how I can help him/her have the same life changing encounter with you that you have granted me.”