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The Non-Negotiables

In my use of time as a disciple certain commitments are non negotiable.

  1. Keeping the Lord's day holy.
  2. Commitment to daily prayer.
  3. Daily reading of God's word. We have to feast on his word.
  4. Regular time before the Lord in adoration. It is our privilege to gaze on the Lord and to have his undivided attention.
  5. Commitment to regular confession.

It should be apparent, when I look at how I employ my time, that I am living for the Lord and for others. 

The same goes for the use of my money. 

  1. The first fruits have to go to the Lord before I give to anything else. That is 10% of my income. 
  2. I should see all of my money as belonging to the Lord. It should be evident that my priority is seeking the kingdom of God. 

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