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The Missing Ingredients of Catholic Evangelization

If we want to see evangelization succeed in our time we need to see a whole lot more of these things:

  1. Urgency - The conviction that what we need to evangelize urgently. It is not something that we can postpone or delay. It cannot be part of the long list of things that we do as a Church. The whole Church has to be involved in evangelization and it has to be the first priority of the Church. The Church exists to evangelize.

If it isn't urgent for me to proclaim the Gospel, it must not be that urgent for you to respond to the Gospel. 

  1. Joy - We have to be joyful missionaries, joyful bearers of the Gospel. We are being commanded to exhibit the joy that comes from salvation. Joy is routed in faith hope and love. It flows from the deep conviction that God is for me, that God is with me!
  2. Jesus as the One we proclaim - What brings people to salvation is responding to the Gospel of Jesus, and only the Gospel of Jesus!
  3. Jesus as the Proclaimer - The work of evangelization begins with Jesus. He is evangelizing through us. The whole ministry of evangelization is Christ working through the Church. 
  4. The Power of Testimony - Put yourself into the message. Show how you have been transformed by the Word of God. 
  5. God's wisdom - If we try to make the Gospel appealing to a worldly way of thinking we are perverting it. If we are trying to harmonize it with the world we will not have the Gospel because the Gospel stands in judgement of the ways of the world.
  6. God's power is what we need - We need to expect that the power of God will accompany the proclamation of the Gospel. God is the one who is initiating. 
  7. Response - In every proclamation of the Gospel there has to be an invitation to respond.