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God Can do so Much More!

Unbelief pushes God to the side lines. We don't really think that he wants to do great things in our lives. We put him there, or we put him in a box. 

99% of the time, what we think God can do is much less than what he really can do. Faith takes God out of the box. Faith is what says, “God you can do anything. Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. I give you permission.” 

So much of what God wants to do is impeded by our unbelief. That is why we have to get it out of our lives as quickly as possible. Beg God for the gift of faith. The gift of faith will be strengthened in us if we beg God for it.

“What are the negative effects of my unbelief? What are the positive effects of belief? What would happen if I truly put my faith in God's word?”

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