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Do Something Great!

In these parables we are given a glimpse of the burning desire in the heart of God to do something great, something magnificent and majestic. But, he doesn't want to do this on his own. He has no need to do it for his own sake; he is complete and perfect in himself.

“He wants to do something great in us, for our sake. That something great is what happens when God's nature and human nature come together in perfect union. It is called the Kingdom of God.”

The Kingdom is the utmost revelation of the burning love that is the heart of God.

For the Kingdom of God to exist in our lives we have to:

  1. Receive and embrace the seed of Christ by saying ‘yes’ to the Kerygma and saying a full yes to every word spoken by Christ. This is called faith.
  2. We need to give to the seed the nourishment it needs to grow. We do this by giving ourselves to him in every way possible. This is called love.

If we respond to the gift of God the full power of the seed is unleashed and a new tree will be born. 

Let's not let another day, hour, or instant go by without giving this generous lover of ours the response that he desires and deserves.

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