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Let Love Define Your Life

Love is meant to define our lives. It is meant to define every day. 

  • We are supposed to love with a heavenly love. It is a love that comes from Heaven. It is the love of God, a supernatural love.
  • If we want to truly love, we have to reject sin. Sin and love cannot co-exist.

“I renounce Satan and Sin. I do not tolerate sin. I see it for what it is. I never accept sin into my heart and my life. It is my enemy. The more I allow the flesh to have dominion over the spirit, the less it can love, the less free I am to love."

  • There has to be a proper order to our love. 

Parents need to begin by loving each other before loving their children. Children need parents who love one another. You can dote on your children all you like; however, if you are not getting along with your spouse you are hurting your children. Your children want you to love one another. It is the proper ordering. It doesn't mean loving your children less, it means loving your children more by putting your relationship with your spouse first. 

Spouses are meant to worship God first, and God alone. It is only in doing that that they can truly love their spouse. When we love God first he transforms us and gives us divine love.

  • If we love someone let them pursue their passions. 
  • We need to accept that we are all trying.
  • We can have faith today that the Lord will give us the grace to love. 
  • We want to become love. Love is the most important thing in our life. This love is not a one time decision. It is an every moment fo the day decision. To choose love. 

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