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Our Number One Relationship

Click here to listen to the homily.

God has to be our number one relationship. We have to avoid unhealthy attachments to people, places, and things.

Do you and I have an excess reliance on other people for approval? Or, our sense of identity and worth? If we do, we have an unhealthy attachment to those people. Only God can tell us our true identity. We ultimately seek only God’s approval.

What obstacles keep us from making God our number one priority? Where do I put most of my time, energy, and resources? Is it with God or other relationships?

Here are 3 concrete ways to make God the number one priority in our lives.

  1. Start your day with prayer.
  2. Take every struggle you have and bring it to God first.
  3. Reach out to those in need.

Click here to listen to the homily.

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