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Advent Life Lessons with St. John the Baptist

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Advent is a season for us to become the best version of ourselves. God wants you and me to become the best version of ourselves.

Advent life lessons given to us by St. John the Baptist.

  • Affirmation - Advent is a time for us to build up others through our words and actions.
  • Deny Ourselves - Don't be greedy. Be content with what you have. Be sacrificial with our time, treasure, and with our talents. Deny ourselves so we can bless and help others.
  • Visit with Jesus - Advent is a great time for us to be intentional with our prayer time. Don't suffer from prayer depravation. Make time and visit with Jesus.
  • Empty the trash - Empty the stuff inside that is preventing us from becoming the best version of ourselves. Over time, we build up spiritual gunk. Jesus doesn't want us to carry all that. He wants us to get rid of it. We can do that in the sacrament of reconciliation.
  • New Beginning - We begin a new liturgical season and year. Brothers and sisters, we have a have fresh new beginning today. Let go of the past and make a fresh new beginning.
  • Truth - Live the truth. Share the truth. Encounter the truth.

Click here to listen to the homily

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