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Belong, Believe, Behave

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Despite Zacchaeus's wealth, he was looking for more. 

Jesus loved Zacchaeus regardless of who he was and he didn't challenge him to change right away. Jesus called him by name and wanted him to know that he belongs.

Jesus wants to tell us I want to live in your heart. Something naturally has to follow for us to experience the unconditional love of Jesus; we need to believe. 

Once you feel like you belong and you believe in love, you start behaving. 

This is the model that Jesus wants us to have when welcoming new members of our parish.

We need to love to accept the newcomers for who they are and find a place for them in the parish even before they believe.

How are we going to accept the new members of the church? The message we need to show them is God loves you, we love you for who you are but we love you too much to let you stay that way. We need to journey with them through believing in behaving.

It's going to be messy but we need to welcome these people with open arms. We need to let them feel like they belong, then journey with them as they believe and then you will see their behaviour will change. 

Click here to listen to the homily.


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