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Two Things Needed for Our Relationship with God

Listen to the full homily here.

What is necessary for a successful relationship?

  1. Communication
  2. Intimacy

If you don't have those things you probably aren't going to have a very good relationship.

Ultimately, communication and intimacy with God come through prayer. In prayer we seek to communicate with God and experience intimacy with him.

Communication is all about sharing ourselves, our feelings, emotions, desires, dreams, hopes, worries and anxiety. We are communicating all of these things about ourselves. When we do this we experience intimacy.

Intimacy is the response and reaction we feel when we have shared about ourselves. We feel affirmed, important, valued, cared for, and loved.

"The sole purpose for which we exist, for which we were created, wa sto experience God's love, care, and concern for us. Not just in Heaven as a future reality that we are waiting for, but as a reality now in every day of our life."

We must pursue this level of communication and intimacy with God that is going to make it possible for us to live out a prophetic attitude and lifestyle that the kingdom requires.

Listen to the full homily here.

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