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The Fourth Practice of Lent

Listen to the homily here. 

One of the things that gets forgotten in this penitential season is that it is also a season of joy. The penance we are doing is in light of the victory that Jesus has already won!

If Lent is a season of joy with whom are we sharing it?

The joy that we are celebrating in Lent has a purpose. Our fasting, almsgiving, and prayer is for the sake of the Gospel, it is for the sake of sharing the joy that we have because Christ has already won the victory. 

If we haven't done it, we might want to consider taking up a forth act during Lent. What Jesus wants from us is more souls. He wants more people to experience his love. He is pouring out his love into us so that it might overflow and pour into the hearts and minds of those around us.

Let us begin by making a promise that we, at least, will do this much. We will go out each morning, giving God permission to bring us whoever he wants so that we might share the Good News with them.

Listen to the homily here. 

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