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In What Way Am I Like Zacchaeus?


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We have a God that is bigger then the universe, has come to offer us mercy.

Jesus came to fulfill all the prophecies, and to keep all the promises.

We can learn from Zacchaeus about the love and mercy of God, there are two ways:

  1. In what ways are we failing to love God and neighbour? And not feel like we can come to Jesus and receive mercy? In what way can we open up to Jesus?
  2. In what ways are we treating others like the Pharisees treat Zacchaeus? What figures in the world do we judge and condemn to believe they are never going to change?

Encourages us to go back and re-read the scriptures, let God speak personally to you, which ways are you Zacchaeus? 

What can God do for you if you approach him like Zacchaeus?

Reflect on the people who you have determined are terrible people who are outside of God's mercy. Then ask the Lord, what must I do to begin to love these people in a way that will lead them to a place of mercy, conversion and transformation?

Click here to listen to the homily.

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