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What is my disposition when I come to Mass?

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How are you approaching God in prayer? Are you like the pharisee or the tax collector?

The Lord is challenging us to be like the poor widow, orphan or tax collector to approach the altar with such humility and such openness to God that we would be ready to receive whatever he wants to give us.

We are approaching God to ask him for mercy and healing. To leave church feeling strengthened and blessed by God.

We ask for God's mercy many times during the Mass.

We come to church because we need God in our lives who is merciful enough to accept us as we are.

Try coming to Mass early to reflect and call to mind our sins. Ask the Lord what do you want to heal me from today? What do you want to free me from today? 

Sin is not compatible with Jesus if you want to be one with Jesus you need to be ready to let go of sin.

The Gospel challenges us to:

  1. Come with a disposition of humility.
  2. Come with an awareness of what is about to take place during Mass.

Click here to listen to the homily.

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