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The Holy Spirit is the Key

The key is allowing the Holy Spirit to do what he want to do in us. Give the Holy Spirit full permission to empower us from within, fill us up with his grace, and to give us the gifts that we need. 

When we are baptized, when we come to the sacraments, and when we allow Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come into us, the word is written on our hearts. We no longer follow the laws of God out of obedience. We follow the laws of God because we want to follow the laws of God. 

“I encourage you today to pray for a change of heart. That we will allow ourselves to be empowered by the Holy Spirit. That we will have a desire to live as saints, to live a life of holiness, to live a life free of sin, and to live a life motivated by a love for God and love for one another. Ask the Holy Spirit to plant that desire in your hearts.”

Listen to the full homily here.


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