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Faith, Hope, Love and Thanksgiving

Click here to listen to the homily.

We have faith in Christ the King of the universe, as long as we continue to remind ourselves of that; we will have the courage to persevere in the difficulties.

If we keep our eyes on Christ during the difficulties of life we will persevere in this life and secure our place in Heaven.

Ways to stay focus on Christ is through the three virtues:

  • Faith: I must believe what Jesus says is true. I must believe he came to this earth to save me. 
  • Hope: There is hope in the midst of persecution. We need to hope in Jesus; in his divine protection, will and promise.
  • Love: God is a God of love and mercy. He wants blessings, prosperity for us and he wants us to know how much he loves us.

There is a great sacrifice we participate in every time we come to the altar: The Eucharist! (Thanksgiving)

When you give gratitude to God in the midst of all troubles, you start seeing the positives in your life. 

Start to think about all the ways that you are grateful. 

Click here to listen to the homily.

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