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Will you choose Hope this Easter?

Why do you look for the living among the dead? They did not know yet that their Lord had risen from
the dead. Even today there are people who do not know this yet. We can empathize with these women.
The had seen Jesus beaten, crucified and left for dead. Of course it is difficult for them to believe.. What
about us? Sometimes we too need some convincing. There is a reason for that. After tonight our
Alleluias will have died down and we go back to our homes and regular lives and back to an experience
of the world and church that is so often broken. So sometimes we need some convincing. We need to
check our hope levels and ask ourselves, do we still believe? Is the power of the Risen Christ still
animating us? Or has our hope died down a little bit? For me this was captured when we watched the
cathedral in Paris burning and I thought of all that was burning in the church today and I was wondering
what my little efforts were doing with my little buckets of water, but its not about me, its about Jesus.
There is power in the name of Jesus and all I need to do is rely on that power and do His will and do my
part. He can use me powerful and you too. So, I’ve chosen to put my hope in Jesus.

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