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What in your life and faith does God want to resurrect?

What a difference between the Gospel and the Passion Narrative today. We started in such a
celebratory mood, singing Hosanna; this was victory! But how quickly that became “Crucify Him”
followed shortly by “Father into your hands I commend my spirit” and Jesus breathed his last. What
happened to the celebration? And yet, this moment was a victory, unknown and unseen at this point,
the greatest victory every won. The pain of the crucifixion will soon give way to the Glory of the
Easter is coming, but we are not there yet. We enter into the mysteries of Holy Week first. The life of a
Christian is a series of dyings and risings. What is it that began in celebration in your life and became
rather lifeless? Is there a relationship that used to be strong and is so no longer? Was there a kind of
dream God put on your heart that has dissipated? Was there an excitement in your life maybe even for
your faith that has grown dull? Maybe some of these things aren’t from God and He wants you to let
them go, but others God may want to resurrect. Bring these with you into Holy week and lay them at the
foot of the cross where the real victory is and let God resurrect them. This Holy Week bring everything
you are and everything you have before our King who died for us to take away our sins to win for us

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