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We need a new song!

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord! In the face of incredible evil it can be difficult to see. It is hard to be a priest today under this collective shame. The sexual abuse crisis in our Catholic Church threatens to steal our hope for the future.  Until we have priests that focus on the holiness and mission, their own, and mobilizing their people to do the same, structures are going to crumble, parishes and dioceses are going to die because we are not doing what we are fundamentally suppose to do.

No one else is going to tell people that Jesus died for our sins, won for us salvation, wants us to accept His forgiveness and have an ongoing personal relationship with Him. It has to be the heart of everything we do. We are not defeated! Satan is! Remember the church hasn’t stopped being the light of the world. It is who we are when we are at our best! Let’s be that hope for the world. The church needs to sing a new song and the world is longing to hear it!