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"Turn to Mary at the foot of the Cross"

Jesus gave his life for us, for me, for you. It’s hard to come to terms with that. Every second that he
endured pain, it was for you, for me and for us. If we let that sink in, it stirs up a lot of thoughts and
emotions. What’s going on in you right now and what are you going to do with it?
To help process this, lets look to someone who was there and was always there in the life of Jesus.; that
would be Mary. Imagine what she was going through, what she was experiencing, watching her beloved
son executed in the worst way possible.
Mary promised at the Annunciation to follow the Lord what ever it would cost and it took her to the foot
of the cross. When she gave her yes, she gave her everything, she gave totally completely, even to the
point of this worst moment. She accepted a new mission from her son from the cross as she was
entrusted to John who stood there in place of us in place of the whole church to be our mother; we are
now in her care.
What is our response to Jesus giving his life to us? The only response that makes sense is to live our lives
completely for Him. We can’t earn what He gave us or pay Him back, we can only say yes like Mary and
choose to live for Jesus every day of our lives. If it costs me something I’ll pay, if it sends me some where
I’ll go because Lord Jesus I know what You did for me and I love you!
We will celebrate the resurrection soon, but the path to the resurrection leads through the cross for
Jesus, for Mary, for the Church, for you and for me. We acknowledge that when venerate the cross
today and when we unite our own cross and sufferings to the cross of Christ, saying this is not just a
historical event; saying Jesus you can redeem me today. Mary will help us each day to say yes to Jesus
and unite our own disciple’s cross to the cross of Jesus and await His glorious resurrection.

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