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The power of the Eucharist

Apple had a vision and this week has grown to be a trillion dollar company. God has a vision for us that is infinitely greater than that! God wants to be personal and accessible to us and He wants to transform the world!

What happens at the alter each week here at mass becomes a torrent of grace capable of transforming everything as we go out into the world.

Through our baptism we are called... that’s the sign up sheet! And through our baptism we are also given the gifts we need and each week are nourished with the Eucharist to build Gods kingdom.

We must remember not to put God in a box and that by the grace of our baptism we are called and equipped and He can accomplish amazing things in and through us.  We become that “house of bread” because we believe in the power of the Eucharist to transform our lives and the lives of the world. What is the Lord transforming in you? God’s grace is amazing! Let’s give God permission to do whatever he wants in our lives and allow Him to transform us for the renewal of the world!

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