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Hey I was Here First!

In the Gospel today we have this parable of the workers in the vineyard. The owner goes out early in the morning and finds strong, capable, and ready workers. And they toil under the hot sun all day. And he goes back throughout the day and finds others loitering around. And they come and work for him. And even at the end of the day there are still some without work, and they come. But the surprise twist is that everyone gets paid the same. And from a human perspective, they might have a point. But from a divine perspective, we are all working towards the same goal, and for the same reward. 

            How can we live out the Gospel message today, where those who are newest to our vineyard receive all the blessings of the owner and we are all ok with that? Instead of saying, hey, I was here first! Too bad for you!”, instead of being territorial, adversarial, or ‘clinging to our own security’ as the workers in the vineyard did in the Gospel, let’s respond to this Gospel by laying the foundation today for the amazing work that God is doing in our Christ Centered Community of Holy Trinity Parish, not to mention what He may be up to in our own families, and social bubbles. Let us say in response to Jesus’ words today, “Hey, I was here first!... How can I serve you?” Let’s say “Hey, I was here first!...And we have a place prepared for you! Let’s say “Hey, I was here first!...And we’ve been expecting you, waiting for you, and we’re excited to have you here!”