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An Experience is Meant to be Shared

When we have experienced the glory of God we can never go back. It transforms our lives, we have been changed forever. We might still struggle with sin, we might be tempted. But, we have experienced the glory of God and it has changed us. 

Experience of God is an experience that is meant to be shared. An encounter with Christ that has transformed your life may be the springboard that will bring about transformation in the life of someone else. 

Let's spend some time meditating on the Lord's glory. Then go out and transform that world by sharing that Glory with others. But, during this seasons of Lent, we are going to leave some of our junk behind.

"Ask the Lord for a new transformation, renewal in his spirit. We are going to leave behind everything that we don't need and focus only on the Lord, his glory, and his glory in our lives."

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