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Blind Spots

We are not blind…are we? What are we not seeing? Are there blind spots in our lives that keep us from seeing the reality? Where does your worth come from? Do you know? Because it is a common blind spot for many people. Our worth comes from God and nothing else.

What do you find valuable in your life? Family, friends, your job, this parish? These are all good things. But what would happen if tomorrow this was all taken away from you.  Would you still have that one thing that can not be taken away from you? That you are a beloved Child of God.

Who sinned that this man was born blind? If that is his identity, a sinner? Then what is his worth? Maybe you know someone who places their identity in what they do or some circumstances. Their identity is caught up in their sinfulness or that circumstance instead of their identity as a daughter or son of God.

When the blind man comes to know who he is, he bows before Jesus and worships Him and gives his life to Him; It’s beautiful. He knows his worth in the eyes of God. Do you know your worth in the eyes of God? We are beloved children of our heavenly Father. Nothing can rob that from you.  Remind yourself of that and speak that truth into your life.