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Are we there yet?

Its not just a question that kids ask. We ask this question as we journey to Easter. It
can feel like a lot of the same after Ash Wednesday as we wait for Palm Sunday. This time of Lent is so
important. A time of preparation for our destination. The time we spend preparing helps us to reach our
destination better. Jesus is preparing during this time in the dessert for this public ministry. He faced
many temptations and distractions in this time and even during His time in ministry. Jesus takes His time
to prepare Himself for what is to come.
We are a people of the resurrection, who have experienced the power and the glory of God. This time of
Lent is so important as we remember what God has done for us. Yes, we look at our sins but we also
invite God to come into our lives in a deeper way. It’s a time to grow. Growth is important. Take the
time each day to say, I’m going to follow You more closely Lord. This doesn’t just happen automatically;
we have to work at it. This is the message in the second reading, when we work and are intentional, we
have fruit to lay before the Lord. Every act we make to grow closer to the Lord by loving Him and loving
our brothers and sisters pleases the heart of the Lord. Lent is a time to give the Lord our hearts and
focus on him, to ensure we are growing. Easter will come and Lent will go quickly, so let’s take the
opportunity right now to ask God what he might want to do in this season. We must be intentional
about it. Let us say “Yes Lord I want to be the Saint You are calling me to be. Show me just one way to
grow closer to You this Lent and I’ll do it, I am totally Yours”

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