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Good Friday with Fr. Bob Bedard, CC

This whole image of the cross has tantalized me for years. I have looked at the cross with the corpus of Jesus on it, the crucifix as we call it, and again and again I have asked myself, 'Why?! Why did he have to do that?'

And, in prayer I have addressed it to him. 'Why Lord did you have to suffer? Why did you have to die like that? Could this not have been done some other way?' I remember, and I have shared it before, this very day, Good Friday, I was able to spend some quiet time in a small chapel praying and I felt the Lord, at that time, leading me into the whole picture as though I were there... Like I was part of the scene...

This is a momentous day. This is the pivotal event in human history, the death of Jesus on the cross, and then his resurrection from the grave.

In the mean time, we are here. This is Friday afternoon. This is 3 o'clock, the ninth hour, when he breathed his last. This is a time of mourning, of grieving. To think that it had to come to this? But, it did. This is a time of gratitude, because if he hadn't done it we'd be heading absolutely nowhere. This is a time of waiting, and I think the Lord is saying to all of us, are you willing to wait it out with me?

This is a time of mourning, a time of gratitude, and a time of waiting. 

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