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The Church

Fr. Bob shares his testimony of coming to St. Mary’s and being a pastor for the first time. In the beginning Fr. Bob did the obvious things, such as celebrate the sacraments, listen to the people, and administrative work, but soon he realized that wasn’t enough. God wanted to do more, but in order to do so God wanted permission from Fr. Bob as well as the parishioners of St. Marys.

God does not simply want a “busy parish” full of programs, strategies, and initiatives. God wants our permission to do what He wants to do! When He receives enough permission He will move. We need to let God be God… He is good at it! We need to consult the Lord and follow His agenda and not our own.

The Church is not a private vehicle for our own spirituality and devotion. The Church’s existence is not solely for me. Nor is the Church merely a stationary object; a collection of buildings. Rather the Church is a body of people going somewhere for God. A body which is building up and extending the Kingdom of God. A body which does not rely on its own power, but on the power of God. We need to go outside the physical church walls and extend the boundaries of the Kingdom of God. This body is to be one. The Lord wants his people to be one. We need to choose unity and work for it.